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Little Vietnam @ Midvalley Megamall

The Rice Paper Rolls were wrapped with cold prawns, a variety of vegetables and vermicelli, dipped in a sweet sauce. Fried spring rollsChargrilled lemongrass beef served with rice and half a hard boiled egg and vegetables. The thin stripes of beef was tender and did not require much effort to cut or chew. The side coconut paste was sweet and complimented the rice and protein very well.
Beef slices, although you should order no less than a Special All Mix if you want the real deal. Just remember to throw in the mint leaves and the raw bean sprouts before you start eating.
Black coffee Hue Beef Hu Tieu ~ Hu Tieu (rice noodle) Rice 5 ColorMix looks like Lei Cha in Hakka dish but the taste is totally different. They serve this dish with lotus root soup but we conclude it's too salty. Three Colors & Ice Lime Tea

Vietnamese Sampler ~ RM14.90
Deep Fried Vietnamese Spring Roll ~ RM4.80
Chargrilled Chicken Meat Ball Skewer ~ RM4.80
Steamed Rice Wrapper Roll ~ RM4.80
Fresh Prawn Rice Paper Roll ~ RM6.00
Tossed Beansprouts In Sesame & Soy Sauce ~ RM6.00
Vietnamese Cabbage Salad ~ RM6.80
Lychee Salad ~ RM8.00
Pho-Soup Noodles
Home Made Beef Tendon Balls ~ RM8.00
Beef Slices ~ RM9.90
Beef Tendon Balls And Slices ~ RM11.00
Special All Beef Mix ~ RM12.90
New Zealand Rib Eye Slices & Beef Tendon Balls ~ RM16.80
Plain~ RM6.00
Shredded Chicken ~ RM8.00
Chargrilled Lemongrass Chicken ~ RM12.90
Chargrilled Lemongrass New Zealand Rib Eye ~ RM16.80
Bun-Cold Vermicelli
Vegetarian Cold Vermicelli ~ RM7.90
Vietnamese Chicken Sausage & Spring Roll ~ RM8.80
Chargrilled Chicken Meatball Skewer ~ RM9.80
Chargrilled Lemongrass Chicken & Spring Roll ~ RM12.90
Chargrilled Lemongrass Beef & Spring Roll ~ RM12.90

Tom Yam Soup Glass Noodle ~ RM8.50
Curry Cheong Fun ~ RM7.80
Prawn & Chicken Clear Soup Hu Tieu ~ RM10.90
Hanoi Chicken Fragrant Soup Mee ~ RM8.50
Vietnamese Siu Mai Spaghetti ~ RM11.00
Starfruit & Clam Soup Hu Tieu ~ RM10.90
Spicy Hue Beef Soup Hu Tieu ~ RM14.00
Vietnamese Beef Stew Mee ~ RM11.00
Chicken Mince And Prawn Tossed Noodle ~ RM9.80
Vietnamese Tomato Soup Noodle ~ RM9.80

Vietnamese 5-Colour Mixed Rice ~ RM8.00
Curry Chicken Rice ~ RM8.60
Beef Stew With Rice ~ RM8.60
Deep Fried Catfish Rice ~ RM9.60
Tomato Fried Rice With Vietnamese Chicken Sausage ~ RM8.90
Chargrilled Lemongrass Chicken Rice ~ RM12.90
Chargrilled Lemongrass NZ Rib Eye Rice ~ RM16.80
Stir Fried Lemongrass Beef Rice Bowl ~ RM9.90
Stir Fried Lemongrass Eggplant & Mushroom Rice ~ RM9.90

Plain With Egg & Fritters ~ RM5.00
Chicken Mince Soup Rice ~ RM6.90
Chicken Porridge~ RM8.00
Vietnamese ChickenMeat Ball Porridge ~ RM8.00
Beef Mince Porridge ~ RM9.90
Lemongrass Beef Soup Rice ~ RM9.90
Three Colours Shaved Ice With Fresh Coconut Milk ~ RM5.50
Red Bean Shaved Ice With Fresh Coconut Milk ~ RM5.50
Leong Fun & Longan Shaved Ice ~ RM5.50
Mango Milkshake ~ RM5.50
Jackfruit Milkshake ~ RM5.50
Chocolate Milkshake ~ RM5.50
Lotus Pancake With Ice Cream ~ RM8.00
Deep Fried Banana With Ice Cream ~ RM8.00

Rating: 6/10
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September 1, 2009 at 2:30 PM

I have come to love Vietnamese food recently. Just ate it yesterday. Love the food presentation here.

September 1, 2009 at 5:09 PM

Me not too fancy about Vietnamese food but the taste is nice. Especially their fried rice. Really great...I also try it last Saturday with my girlfriend. The food presentation is great as well as the taste.

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