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Ana Ikan Bakar Petai @ Kuantan

Ana Ikan Bakar Petai is located at
Pantai Selera,
Tanjung Lumpur,
Tel: 019-987 8155 (Haji Baharin),
013-998 9175 (Fairuz).

Located by the sea, Ana Ikan Bakar Petai boasts fresh seafood — fish, squid, cockles, crabs, lala and prawns, which are cooked to order.

Diners can choose to have their food cooked in any of a number of styles: Bakar Petai (grilled with petai), Stim (steamed), Tiga Rasa (three flavours), Masam Manis (sweet and sour), Masak Pedas (spicy), Masak Tomato (tomato), Masak Kicap (black sauce) and Goreng Tepung (battered and fried).
Ikan and Sotong Bakar Petai.Crab

Bakar Petai is Ana’s signature style of cooking. The seafood is first slathered with sambal cili and then wrapped in a banana leaf together with onions and petai before it is placed on a charcoal grill. This cooking method ensures the flavour of the seafood is sealed in, and it gets the smoky aroma from the charcoal fire.

The stingray was fragrant from the slow grilling and the slightly burnt sides were very tasty. The flesh was smooth, tender and moist, and the simple yet distinctive sambal marinade was spicy but not to the extent of numbing the tongue.The kicap hitam is a very dark, caramelised sauce that is slightly sweet and sticky with a prawny after-taste, and its rich aroma gives the seafood a smoke-tinged flavour. The asam jawa sauce had the perfect balance of sweetness, sourness, spiciness and saltiness, with a strong hint of belacan. The combination of sticky dark sauce and piquant asam jawa sauce complemented the grilled seafood very nicely.

Rating: 8 /10


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