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Nando's Restaurant @ Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

Nando's Restaurant
CF 32,
Paradigm Mall

Nando's is quite well known to our community - Peri-Peri Chicken...After a hardwork on Friday, we came to give ourselves a treat...Here we are!!!

A casual dining restaurant originated from South Africa. Nando’s keeps foodies happy with their specialty Afro-Portuguese Peri-Peri Flame-Grilled Chicken. Peri-Peri is a South Africa bird’s eye chili and is rich with Vitamins A and C. All Nando’s chickens are freshly prepared A-Grade chickens, marinated for 24 hours in Afro-Portuguese recipe and then flame-grilled to perfection in your choice of Peri-Peri sauces – Lemon & Herbs, Mild, Hot or Extra Hot. - source Paradigm Mall.

Rating: 6/10

Porridge Time @ Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

Porridge Time
32, Lower Ground
Paradigm Mall

I tried this at Tropicana City Mall previously and now they open at Paradigm Mall... Everything remains unchange except the Kung Po Frog which doesn't come with porridge anymore...sob sob.. I would say, it is quite expensive compare to other places which offer the same thing...

Yau Cha Kueh

Soya Bean and Herbal Tea

"Teng Chai' Porridge

Kung Po Frog

Rating: 7/10

Sushi Zanmai @ Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

Sushi Zanmai
1FK-01, First Floor,
Paradigm Mall

This is the second time I dine-in Sushi Zanmai...First experience was unpleasant but this time they impress me back with the quality as well as the service. Their sushi is comparative cheaper than the other restaurants...Below are some food that we ordered but I can't remember each and individual name... :)


Soft Shell Crab Temaki

Assorted Salmon Sushi

Skewed Scallop

Rating: 8.5/10

Pancake House International @ Pardigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

Pancake House International
32, Second Floor,
Paradigm Mall

First day of Paradigm opening and here I am to be a busy body...roaming around looking for good food but all are packed with people (people mountain, people sea - Chinese proverb means crowded with people)... We manage to find this place which is quite empty and there we are...after a while it is crowded with people which I think other outlets are packed with people and this is the last resort....

"Flapjacks, hotcakes or crumpets…. There are so many ways to call a pancake. But, there’s only one way to make the perfect pancake. At the Pancake House, we have been making perfect pancakes for over 40 years. Our tradition of using only premium flour, the creamiest butter and farm fresh milk and eggs, assures the fluffiest, melt-in-your-mouth pancakes, every time. Great meals do not stop at great pancakes! At the Pancake House, we also serve hearty comfort meals like pastas, burgers, sandwiches… and the best taco in town. At Pancake House, there’s always something here for everyone." - sources Paradigm Mall.
Ice Lemon Tea

Bolognaise Spaghetti

Pancakes with cream

 Rating: 6/10

James Foo Western Food @ Fettes Park, Penang

James Foo Western Food
21-A, Jalan Fettes Park,
11200 Penang. 
Tel: 04-8993671

Introduced by Chong Lim and manage to reach here by the help of GPS. It is easy to locate this restaurant as you turn into Fettes Park...As adviced by Chong Lim, please be early to this restaurant OR you have to wait for your turn...Crazeee queue!!!
Spring Roll (Hainanese Style) Stall
We did manage to order this as only two of us...Scare unable to finish it as the minimum order is 2 pieces (RM3.00 each)

Mushroom soup (RM3.00)
Not bad but I would prefer it serve with wild mushroom...This a bit too creamy!! 

Holland Chicken (RM10.50)
The price are quite reasonable for a chicken chop if compared to KL...Anyway, it is something different from normal chicken chop as it served with pineapple and ham.

Hawaiian Pork (RM10.00)
For a pork chop at RM10 is consider cheap. The taste are good and the portion are quite reasonable...

Chrysanthemum Tea (RM1.80) and Orange Juice (RM7.00)
The drinks are quite pricey but you have no choice to order it....unless you bring your own bottle of water.

Remember to go early to avoid queue and disappointment....

Rating: 7/10

Makanan Laut Jeti @ Bukit Tambun, Penang

Makanan Laut Jeti (Jetty Seafood)
No. 1249, bagan Bukit Tambun,
14110 Simpang Ampat,
Tel: 04-5880949 / 019-4152934

This is a trip to Penang back in May 2012 with my partner, Peggy and this is also the first time we came to this restaurant. The environment is quite pleasant as the restaurant is build on top of the river. You can see some fishing boat parking at the jetty while you dining. 

Fried Beehoon with Lala (RM10.00)
Delicious and lots of lala (clam)

Crab with Salted Egg (RM40.00)
Peggy's favourite and it taste good. Thumbs up!!!

Rating: 7.5/10

Robert's Fried Kueh Teow @ Restaurant Say Huat, Section 17

Robert's Fried Kueh Teow
Restaurant Say Huat
1083, Jalan 17/27,
Section 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya,

This uncle has been operating this stall for more than 10 years...I am not sure whether Robert's is originated from where but not all the outlets throughout Klang Valley taste the same like this stall do...I quite like this place and it is really good...

Fried Kueh Teow (RM4.50-small)
Fried with cockle, lap cheong, prawn, bean sprout...I love it very much!!!

Rating: 8/10

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