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I was grown up with my family which sells "chap fan" (economic/mixed rice). This maybe is one of the reason make me like to eat and also eat a lot. Taiping is also one of the haven of food which the famous delicacies includes Char Kueh Teow (with duck egg), Mee Rebus, Curry Mee, Lok-Lok, Rojak, Wantan Mee, Roast Pork, Ice Mountain, Black/White, Cendol, Pasembor, Chicken Rice, Lai Fun Soup, and many more.

In my dictionary, food known as something which can be eaten regardless of good or bad. As I grow older, taste is major factor that affect my selection and appetite. I had try many types of food around Malaysia, from North to South and East to West. Cheap food is my priority but make sure it is delicious. If the food is not nice, that's it (won't go back again).

Hope to have more chance in eating delicious delicacies all around the world and share with everyone through this blog.
Email: sidneytoh@gmail.com

Food for Thought
Sharing a platter can be a good way to taste the different types of food a restaurant has to offer.

Pleasure to intro myself, Yenky from Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. If you get to know me will realize I’m just a simple guy building his dreams, sociable and outgoing. Love to watch variety of food programs (including cooking and travel), Asia Food Channels and not to forget Beautiful Kitchen show from HK is one of my preferred.

Meeting friends and looking for foods is part of my lifestyle and keep me energetic whenever foods are on the menu. Sociable with new people always prompt with new foods to explore as I always love to ask them what they love to eat and recommendation. Therefore, getting along more people will get to know more about new meals to satisfy my cravings.

People tends to treat foods as a need whereby consume due to necessity but in my dictionary, food is an ART and Desire of meaningful living. Looking for great meals with affordable price is an art and enjoying is vast satisfaction. So practically is food in everything (^-^)v Mission Statement: Intro and share more new foods and beverages with all my friends

Best regards,
Yenky [yenky85@gmail.com] 

Hey everyone,

I am Nicholas Ooi who was born from the Rain-town of Malaysia, Taiping.

Basically, I have a passion! passion about food (I do mean nice one). Therefore, I have been searching so hard to find all the good food and create a blog with my best friends to share the good memories and experiences.

I always believe that "We live for food" because without food, Malaysian specifically will gone crazy.

I wish that this blog will help much for you guys on searching for food that you have been craving for so long.

Also, I have this habit of searching GOOGLE whenever I am not sure about something. I also like to search for "where to eat" kind of thing, but always the question come back to me, we do have a blog. Haha. That's why, please don't hesitate to send us comments and feedback.

My email : nicholasooi1985@gmail.com

Cheers and have a nice meal,
Nicholas Ooi

I'm Chong Lim from a small town call Taiping situated at the north of Perak. I'm just an ordinary programmer working in Penang. As Penang is famous for its variety of good foods, i came to know more about food and their standards. Well hometown is not bad either regarding good food.

Last time, i just eat about anything that suits me. I seldom really taste them as long as they are eatable and doesn't over the limit of my "taste line". So if i ever said a dish or food isBAD, it is really means BAD. lolz...

But since living in Penang, i begin to taste many "versions" of the same food which gave me a "standard" for that type of food. So that's why i decide to join in with my friends here to share out my experience and also at the same time, learn more about tasting food and also many other new, weird, famous or any type of food which i can find. Hope we can help you in getting the satisfaction of enjoying good food and enjoy your visit.

Email: willychilly85@gmail.com
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