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Buffet Ramadhan "Suasana Sahara" @ PICC, Putrajaya

Buffet Ramadhan "Suasana Sahara"
Concourse Level
Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)

Introduced by Haryanie...Selamat Berbuka Puasa!!! Eden Catering is the caterer for this ramadhan buffet. From here, there is a lot of space and lots of food of course...It cost RM55.00 for adult and RM29 for children...Free for those who is below 6 years old...Ohya!!! They encourage group booking whereby you buy 10 pax, they free 1 pax...
Ice Kacang Stall

Sotong Kangkung Stall

Noodle Stall

Fried Fritters Stall
Roast Lamb Stall

Satay Stall

Beef Satay on the way!!!

Ikan Bakar Stall
Ikan bakar on the hot plate...please wait to be cooked

Char Kueh Teow - This is good & they have a stall as well

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Grilled Stingray + Squid + Chicken Chop

Fried Fritters


Rating: 5/10


Anonymous said...

Fantastic food at this Buffet and very reasonably priced! Highly Recommended!

Sidney Toh said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for your recommendation...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sidney.

I was there on Monday and must say that the selection is amazing. at RM55, they offer more choice than most hotel buffets which cost twice the price! Would give it a 8.5/10 rating :)

Anonymous said...

Sedap betul makanan Eden.. Sy dah 3 kali ke Picc thn nie!!! :)

Sidney Toh said...

Hi Anonymous, great to hear that...really glad that you all had a wonderful buka puasa feast...btw, we would appreciate if you could at least put in your name using the selection of Name/URL...thanks

menyesal den said...

i'm sorry to say....please avoid next time....this place is not recommended for those who expect a cool and privacy environment... too crowded like a "pasar borong"... food quality is out...most of them can bought easily at pasar malam/ramadhan ... services is horrible...lastly the buffet should be valued at RM25 only...

Azizi said...

Great Buffet..fantastic spread, tasty food, comfortable ambiance, excellent value for money! Staff told us there were 1000 pax the night we were there but the place is huge & replenishment fast so we never felt 'rushed' or 'crowded'. Definately merits at least an 8/10.

Sidney Toh said...

Den & azizi ~ thanks for your precious comments..Ramadhan month about to over...hope everyone have a great buka puasa feast everyday!!!

Mr. K™ said...

will be there tonite ;)

Sidney Toh said...

Hi Mr. K™, hope you share your experience with us...happy buka puasa!!!

Mr. K™ said...

I've been there yesterday (wed 24/8). What I can say, U'll never regret. Me, my wife & kids love it :)

Sidney Toh said...

Hi Mr. K™, really appreciate your comments...I can see that your enjoy your buka puasa moment to the max...

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