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James Chicken Rice @ Seksyen 17, Happy Mansion, PJ

James Chicken Rice
[within Restaurant Choon Yien]
CG-1, Happy Mansion Apartments
Jalan 17/13, Section 17
46400 Petaling Jaya
Operating hours: 11 am to 1 pm
Tel: +6016 - 280 9043 (James)

Although chickcen rice is the most common and seems easy to make yet one of the most famous lunch in local Malaysian. However, there is always saying that the easiest is always the hardest and to cook a perfect chicken rice meal is not as easy as it seems. In my opinion there are three (3) aspect of chicken rice set to be consider delicious which are the combination of (1) rice, (2) chicken and (3) the chilly sauce.

The restaurant is easily spotted at the corner of Happy Mansion Apartment but finding a table during lunch time may not be easy as the place normally will be pack of peoples.

You may be surprise that there are no chickens hanging there unlike those normal chicken rice stall. This is because the owner will roast the chicken while selling to ensure the customers enjoy the meal while it is still hot and juicy. The consideration presented really should be accredited because it really makes a different.

Special oil rice fragrant with garlic and ginger residue, typical sourish spicy chilly sauce (its really distinctive) to be paired with the chicken and complementary soup of the day to nourish your meal.

Unmatchable chicken which is juicy and tender with crispy skin. Although I have chicken brest which proclaim by many to be the tough and not being preferred. However, still enjoy it very much because it still taste piping hot succulent thus no matter which part of chicken you're having here will sure to a little extraordinary.

“Boon Fei Sao” (half fat and half lean) char siu will be a default order because too much fat is gross while the leanest pieces are not always tender. Char siu here is just nice coated with sweet soy based gravy.
Another top order at these place is the spicy and sour "Khai Choi" which will escalate your appetite to have more of it.

Definitely will revisit the place for lunch as the chicken and char siu taste still very much perched under my taste buds.

Rating: 8.5 /10
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October 10, 2010 at 8:48 PM

Previously had write a bout it
the chicken is really nice but a little expensive

November 16, 2010 at 6:36 PM

the uncle is damn rude. he shouts and growls at customers and pushes them if they're in his way -- and he even scolded a little toddler for not eating. when confronted, he scoffs, saying "If you want better service, go to a hotel lar".

seriously, tsk tsk tsk...!

November 18, 2010 at 11:23 PM

luckily, i didn't got that kind of services...poor little toddler

December 15, 2010 at 3:46 PM

the chicken rice is expensive and some more the uncle very rude!!!! First time he pushed me cos i blocked his way. Then the second times he scolded me cos i din go away as he come.

I will never go in that stupid shop again!!!!!! SUCKSSSSS

December 16, 2010 at 2:11 PM

wow!!!really bad experience you all had...thanks for sharing

March 23, 2012 at 2:29 PM

The boss of this shop/stupid chicken rice uncle is really rude and dumb. The chicken rice also below par and I just do not know why people still going back?!
I had one time, got treated rudely and badly and I will never go back.
If you have not been there, save your petrol and don't bother to try, nothing special, but if you feel like being screwed and scolded for that day, please proceed to visit them, I am sure you will satisfy.

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