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Old Town White Coffee @ Summit USJ, Subang Jaya

Old Town White Coffee
Lot G-0-3, Kompleks Summit USJ,
Jalan Kewajipan,
47600 UEP Subang Jaya,

Old Town White Coffee is well known in Ipoh, Perak. Well, they had already commercialize it to a really big business. By the way, I had already tried few outlet throughout Malaysia. At first, I didn't think of blogging this place but it is also good to write something. Well, this shop is my first time and the taste is just nice. I think every outlet is the same as the recipe is taught to the chef. Well, not to talk so much and just go to the pictures.
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Curry Chicken Rice (RM8.00)
Nasi Lemak Special (RM7.30)

Rating: 7.5 /10


Anonymous said...

food was ok, chose it because it was of the location and with wifi, almost go this place everyday after been to the gym, had a very bad experience that the cashier are very rude and not show the professional manner in the front desk. first lily ooi, she's a nightmare, totally rude and always scream for those stuff.... omg the a.manager was worst, not presentable by manners and always look as in the bad mood, screaming that wanna caught some attention and when i pay i thought it might easier for the stuff so i went to the counter to pay, she show her angry face and without any PLEASE and THANK YOU, what kind of service is that??? did i not spend enough or may be everyone is not welcome in this shop???? please do something about this i think they deserve a training course or just send them to work in the kitchen so we don't have to be hated.

Sidney Toh said...

Hi, as what you say...i quite agree with you...they seems to be no manners and kinda rude to customers...really glad to have you to voice out and thanks for visiting my blog..

Anonymous said...

come to otwc summit:) new staff r friendly n polite

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